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Dandelion Chocolate

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Dandelion is an excellent bean-to-bar chocolate maker (see reviews here) and is an important resource for small craft chocolate makers around the world, who turn to them for advice on many aspects of sourcing and production. Based in San Francisco, they have a factory and several shops around the city, as well as a pop-up shop in LA. They also produce and sell chocolate at several locations in Japan.

Dandelion Chocolate factory on 16th and Alabama in San Francisco

I visited the San Francisco factory at 16th and Alabama, which has a shop with a range of bars (with samples, of course) as well as books and supplies for at-home chocolate making, including beans and melangeurs.

Chocoate bars and books in the Dandelion shop

They have a very upscale café with a chocolate-infused menu, but I just ordered a drinking chocolate from the coffee/chocolate bar in the shop. It was thick and lovely, and came with a tiny chocolate shortbread and a marshmallow.

Thick drinking chocolate from the Dandelion coffee/chocolate bar

They offer a tour as well – I didn’t have time but I’m sure it would be worthwhile. If you are in San Francisco, make sure to stop by the factory or one of the shops!

Dandelion Chocolate

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