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Ranger is based in Portland, OR. They make bars with beans from several different origins in Peru, plus Vietnam, Haiti, and Guatemala. They also make dark milk, espresso, and maple sugar bars.

Piura Peru 70%


Aroma: cinnamon, butter, dried figs, raisins, red wine, raisins, port, grape hyacinth


Flavor: Very fresh - tastes like a light roast with lots of fruity and soft vegetal flavors: grape jelly, grape juice, red fruit, port, hint of spice, hint of butter, some woody earthiness but not strong, French bread, crackers - saltines, anise, floral, cherry yogurt. Gorgeous shiny finish and hard snap. Chocolate flavor itself is very light.


Recommendation: Recommended. Interesting and distinctive flavors.


Batch info: Batch 26

Vietnam Ben Tre 75%


Aroma: leather, molasses, dried fig


Flavor: Complex: brown sugar, dried fruit, spice cake, lime zest, caramel, cinnamon, a little bit of buttery richness, slight astringency.


Recommendation: Recommended.

Batch info: Batch 13

Guatemala Polochic 80%


Aroma: leather, dried cherry, savory – a richness like beef jerky (not unpleasant)


Flavor: Nice! Buttery richness, with mellow fruity and earthy flavors: coffee, red berries, vanilla, honey, brown fruit, freeze-dried peaches, tamarind, wood. A slight fermented fruit flavor. Creamy, with a slight starchiness, not much acidity, and a little dryness like walnut skin.


Recommendation: Recommended. Overall very good, with nice richness and complexity.


Batch info: Batch 7

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