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Guatemala Cahabon 72%


Aroma: wood, hint of smoke, ash, acetic acid


Flavor: smarties, coffee grounds, quite citrusy and tangy, with tropical fruit and a slightly underripe note. Starts off a little odd but has a pleasant finish with notes of cookies and shortbread.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. It’s interesting, with some pleasant notes, and if you want to try a lot of different Guatemala bars it could be an interesting part of a tasting flight. However, we liked the Guatemala bars from Fresco and Goodnow Farms more.


Batch info:

Endorfin Foods

Ultra Dark 90% with coconut sugar and caramelized coconut mylk


Flavor: This bar brings out the best in Ecuadorian cacao, notes of bread, some earthiness but no muddiness or astringency. Just a slight bitterness and low acidity. The flavor is pleasantly unrefined, reminiscent of nibs, yet short-lasting with a clean finish. The coconut contributes a little flavor, but not much. It’s pleasant and doesn’t overshadow the cacao. Smooth texture.


Recommendation: Recommended! Alternative sugars with a distinct flavor can sometimes interfere with tasting the flavor of the cacao itself, but in this high percentage bar the coconut works well, accenting rather than hiding the chocolate flavors. This would be a fun addition to a high percentage line up (or as a snack, as evidenced by the fact that I ate half the bar immediately upon opening). It’s also a great option if you are looking for chocolate with less sugar/no refined sugar, especially since it manages to be 90% without being bitter - it’s more approachable than many other super dark bars.


Batch info: Best by October 8, 2021


Enna Chocolate is based in New Hampshire, where they make single origin bars with beans from Sierra Leone, Trinidad, Belize, Tanzania, Haiti, and Honduras.

Trinidad Herbert Pasqual Maiden Voyage Estate - 72%


Aroma: Soft. Dried raspberries, sweet cherry, spice, leather.


Flavor: Starts with soft fruity and creamy notes - vanilla, red fruit, black cherry, marshmallow; strong caramel and malt flavors, then deepens to earthy flavors with very slight astringency: whole wheat graham crackers, cocoa powder, dry soil, brownie, green tea, starchy, woody, red wine, molasses, tannin, cranberry, some pleasant rich fudge notes.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. Worth trying - tastes like great beans but haven’t quite perfected the process yet as there are a few rougher flavors, though they do not detract significantly from the overall flavor. However, some people like a less-refined style so again, worth trying.


Batch info: Batch no. 157, Best by December 2020

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