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Spotlight: 100% Bars



Ecuador 100% Raw


Flavor: Relatively little bitterness and a clean finish.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. If you are looking for an intense but smooth and well-rounded raw 100% bar, this is an excellent choice.


Original Beans

Peru Cusco Sacred Valley 100%


Aroma: intense and expressive


Flavor: sour but complex, some natural sweetness. Quite tangy, with notes of wood and vinegar. Great velvety texture.


Recommendation: Recommended. This is on the bolder side of 100% bars, but we enjoyed it. It made a nice contrast to our favorite 100% bars from Pralus and Åkesson



Solomon Islands 100%


Aroma: Rich and complex – you can tell immediately that it’s going to be good. Vanilla, toasted nuts, sweet hay, clover, honey, a little tangy.


Flavor: Rich and buttery with flavors of toasted nuts, hazelnuts, crème fraîche, and almond butter. Complex, too: a little tangy, complex, wood but light, red fruit – dried cherries, balsamic vinegar, little bursts of acidity almost like pop rocks! Not much natural sweetness but not bitter either. Great texture - super smooth and fudgy.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. Everything we’ve tried from Metiisto has been excellent, and this ranks very highly among all the 100% bars we have tried.


Batch info: Best before September 10, 2021



Guatemala 100%

Aroma: Pleasant. Rich chocolate, nutty.


Flavor: A little tangy, not much bitterness. Some dryness, not excessive, like wood, unripe banana, toasted almond skins, unroasted cacao, toasted peanuts. Some pleasant acidity: delicate fruit flavors. A little buttery richness. A slight savoriness like sundried tomato. Sort of an unrefined character.


Recommendation: Recommended. This is a nice 100% bar, although the 70% versions of the same origin really expand the wonderful complex flavors.



Madagascar 100%


Aroma: wood, a little savoriness, dried cherry, vanilla, complex sweet spices like root beer


Flavor: some sourness, not much natural sweetness, some butteriness, great smooth texture, a little astringency but not too much. Very smooth melt. Ethiopian coffee – the intense flavor with a lot of acidity and not much bitterness.


Recommendation: Recommended. A very good 100% bar, but a little heavy on the sourness


Batch info: Batch #1; Best by August 2023



Peru Gran Nativo 100%


Aroma: buttery, astringent, raisin, sour, savory, vinegar, damp wood – barrel-aged, leather, melted butter


Flavor: great texture, nice richness - butter, some bitterness, a little sourness but not much, some dryness but not excessive, somewhat sour, lemon, sort of savory notes. Some muddy earth.


Recommendation: Recommended, but there are much mellower 100% bars out there if you don’t think you’ll like one that’s quite sour.


Batch info: Best before 11 February 2022



Madagascar Criollo 100%


Flavor: Strong, tangy flavor, but good for 100%


Recommendation: Recommended.



Vietnam 100%


Aroma: dusty earth, cocoa butter, hint of red fruit


Flavor: A fair amount of earthiness with some sourness and a classic cocoa powder aftertaste. A little natural sweetness. Overall, well-balanced with a nice range of flavors.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. An intense, well-made 100% bar.


Batch info: Batch 20086; Best by December 29, 2021


Cacao Hunters

Colombia 100%

Aroma: soy, umami,


Flavor: dark roasted almonds, avocado, macadamia nuts, a slight greenness – like a light roast. Some wood and earth, slight dryness


Recommendation: Recommended. Not too bitter as far as 100% bars go, and fairly tangy. Hint of umami in aroma due to ferment.

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