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Suggested Tastings


There are many fun ways to put together a selection of chocolate for tasting. You can taste by country, which lets you get to know a particular place while accentuating differences between maker styles and regions within that country. You can taste my maker, which lets you get a good sense of their particular style and focus on the differences across regions. You can taste similar chocolates to explore the nuances of flavor - taste Domori's whole criollo line and it will be nothing but lovely nuance. Or, taste dramatically different chocolates to explore the wide range of possible chocolate flavors.

Exploring the Range of Chocolate Flavor - Include a range of bars with really varied flavors

  • A very fruity Madagascar like Dandelion, Dick Taylor, or Valrhona Manjari

  • Rich chocolate flavors from West Africa, such as Ghana such as William Marx or Côte d’Ivoire from Chocolat Bonnat

  • One of Domori's Venezuela Criollo bars

  • Something bold and rustic like Mexico Soconusco from Ritual

  • Solstice Bolivia or Fruition Bolivia

  • Ecuador from Askinosie, Soma or Domori’s Arriba Nacional

  • Something from another region with unique flavors, such as Solstice India, Fruition Marañon, or Marou (Vietnam)


Best of Belize

  • Dick Taylor Belize Toledo

  • Ritual Belize Toledo

  • Dandelion Belize Toledo

Best of Madagascar

  • Dandelion Madagascar Ambanja

  • Dick Taylor Madagascar

  • Ritual Sambirano Madagascar

  • Patric Madagascar

  • Domori Madagascar Trinitario

  • Pump Street Madagascar Criollo

  • Valrhona Manjari

Best of Peru

  • Qantu Gran Blanco

  • Fruition Marañon

  • Maraná

  • French Broad Peru

  • Domori Peru Trinitario

  • Original Beans Pirua Porcelana

Best of Colombia

  • Cacao Hunters Tumaco

  • Dick Taylor Palomino Limited Release

  • Castronovo Sierra Nevada

Best of Bolivia

  • Fruition Wild Bolivia Limited Edition

  • Original Beans Wild Beni

  • Solstice Palos Blancos

Best of Tanzania

  • Domori Tanzania Trinitario

  • Dandelion Kokoa Kamili

  • Original Beans Tanzania Cru Udzungwa

  • Solstice Tanzania Kilombero

Best of Vietnam

  • Belvie Dong Nai

  • Marou Lam Dong

  • Marou Dong Nai

Best of Ecuador

  • Creo Ecuador 73%

  • Dandelion Esmeraldas

  • Soma Mr. Salazar

  • Domori Arriba Nacional

  • Askinosie San Jose del Tambo

Best of the Caribbean

  • Soma Haiti Creole Gardens

  • Pump Street Bachelor's Hall Jamaica

  • Fruition Hispaniola

Best of Central America

  • Ritual La Colonia Nicaragua Limited Release

  • Ritual Soconusco Mexico

  • Castronovo Honduras Lost City

Best of West Africa

  • William Marx Ghana

  • Chocolat Bonnat Côte d’Ivoire

  • TCHO Ghana


For Bold Palates - Choose a selection of bars with distinct rustic flavors

  • Akesson's Brazil

  • Ritual Madagascar or Mexico

  • Fruition Marañon

  • Marou Ben Tre

  • Something from Raaka

For Delicate palates - choose a selection of bars with subtle but complex flavors

  • Pump Street Madagascar Criollo

  • Anything from Domori’s criollo selection,

  • Castronovo Honduras Lost City,

  • Original Beans Piura Porcelana

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