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Low-carb & Keto-friendly Chocolate

The Keto Diet is a very low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet that can be helpful for weight loss and managing certain health conditions. (It's not for everyone though - check with a doctor before starting.)

Some people love it, because it lets you eat tons of delicious high-fat foods – butter, coconut oil, avocado, bacon, nuts, seeds, mayo… At the same time, it can be very challenging because one must strictly avoid high-carb foods such as grains, legumes, most fruit, starchy vegetables, and sugar. This includes milk and most dark chocolate!

The good news is that cocoa beans are a high-fat seed, which fits well into the Keto diet. If you stick to small quantities of 85, 90, or 100% chocolate, you can enjoy some as part of the Keto or other low-carb diets. One ounce of high percentage chocolate typically has just 5-8g of net carbohydrate, low enough to be incorporated into most Keto diets. Here are our recommendations for delicious high-percentage, naturally low-carb chocolate bars!

For 85% bars, our top recommendation is Stonegrindz 85% Hacienda Victoria. This stunning bar has a lush flavor with very little bitterness and complex notes of dried cherries and blueberries, buttered toast, toasted grain, chocolate pudding, heavy cream, slight yogurt tang, coffee grounds, brownie, almond butter, and a slight toasty astringency. Near the end, warm, soft floral flavors fill your mouth. Other nice 85% are the Nicaragua Tenor 85% from William Marx and the Colombia Tumaco from Fruition.

For 100% bars, check out the Madagacar Criollo from Pralus, a similarly mellow Madagascar Criollo from Akesson’s, and Cacao Hunter’s vibrant, tangy 100%. Qantu and Goodnow Farms also make very good, intense yet well-balanced 100% bars, and Ritual’s 85% Camino Verde Ecuador bar has great rich, earthy flavor.

Give these bars a try if you are looking for delicious low-carb options, or if you love high-percentage chocolate!

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