Markham & Fitz

Bentonville, Arkansas

Haiti Pisa 75%


Aroma: leather, dark roast, rubber, faint dried fruit, damp earth


Flavor: Caramel for a moment at the beginning but fades quickly, pleasant bitter fruity notes - orange rind, cranberry, red wine - and dark roasted flavors throughout, a slight back of throat bite,  a little cherry at the end, tannins, woody astringency, some bitterness.


Recommendation: Recommended. There are complex flavors, some quite pleasant, and many tasters will enjoy this bar, especially if you like dark, complex, and more bitter notes - though this will be less appealing to others. Worth trying especially since it is a less common origin.


Batch info: Enjoy by 2021, Batch no. 99

Tasted: October 2019