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Monsoon is based in Tuscon, Arizona, where they make five single origin bars and gorgeous truffles with inspired fillings like prickly pear caramel, black pepper and rose, and blood orange dulce de leche.

Tanzania Kokoa Kamili 77%


Aroma: red fruit and a hint of brown fruit, toasted grains, cream, graham cracker


Flavor: Rich with a slight starchiness – like chocolate whipped cream or crème fraiche sweetened with powdered sugar. Slight nutty flavors – malt and graham cracker- with a slight bitterness. A burst of tangy fruit – kumquat, strawberry, red fruit - that fades quickly and returns to the heavy cream flavor and mouthfeel. Very slight acidity, like key lime pie with just a squeeze of lime juice. It’s like key lime pie with all three parts – tangy filling, rich whipped cream, and the toasted grain flavor of the graham cracker crust.


Recommendation: Recommended. Complex, distinct flavors make for a delightful tasting experience.


Batch info: Batch no. 5, Enjoy before June 2021

Madagascar Bejofo 80%


Aroma: Intense; wood, leather


Flavor: Woody, earthy, tangy – dried cherries, hint of caramel, toasted almonds (mild) and grains, a hint of flax.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. This is a nice high-percentage Madagascar bar.


Batch info: Batch no. 9; Enjoy by February 2022

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