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Chocolat Bonnat

Chocolat Bonnat holds the prestigious honor of producing the first commercial single-origin chocolate bars, an endeavor at which it remains highly successful. They offer one of the widest ranges of single-origin bars, many of which have won awards.

Côte d’Ivoire 75%


Aroma: Mild aroma of cocoa and cinnamon


Flavor: Classic chocolate pudding flavors. Warm, cinnamon and ginger, buttery, like a cinnamon roll or gingerbread, mellow, slightly woody with very slight green astringency. A faint lemon flavor winds through the deeper cocoa and cinnamon flavors. Cinnamon graham crackers. Reminds me of the spice notes in Fruition Peru Marañon and Raphio Peru. Very smooth texture.

Recommendation: Recommended. If you like the classic chocolate pudding flavors of West African cacao, you’ll enjoy this bar. It’s also good if you are new to tasting and want something mild and approachable with warm spice notes.


Batch info: Lot A, Product code 802, best before December 2019.

Venezuela Hacienda El Rosario - 75%


Aroma: nutty, toasted hazelnuts, seeds


Flavor: Rich chocolate, slight grassiness, some bitterness, brownie, seeds, chocolate syrup, heavy cream, caramel


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. Flavors are pleasant while not particularly distinctive, and it seems like a the roast perhaps overshadowed some of the nuances typical of fine Venezuelan beans. However, some tasters like a darker roast profile may really enjoy this bar. Wonderfully smooth texture. A good value for high quality chocolate.


Batch info: Best before December 2019

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