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Based in Vietnam, Belvie makes a range of award-winning Belgian-style bars with single-origin Trinitario beans. They offer a unique opportunity to try not just beans from Vietnam, but beans from specific regions within the country, each with its own terroir, all produced locally in Saigon.

Vietnam Dong Nai 70%


Aroma: a soft grassy aroma, like dried hay or sweetgrass, along with some sweetness – figs, raisins, anise. Fresh grains, like a flour mill, but not dusty, a tiny bit soapy. Silage.


Flavor: Complex brown sweetness: sorghum molasses, figs, raisins, anise, caramel, toffee, grapes, with a mild base flavor that includes notes of fresh grains, cookies, and raw hazelnuts and peanuts. Very low acidity - just a hint of red fruit, no bitterness, astringency is very slight.


Recommendation: Recommended. This bar has a unique, distinct flavor profile with good complexity.


Batch info: Lot no. 70304, Best before December 24, 2020

Black Pearl of the Mekong 85%


Aroma: dry leaves, earth, leather, soy, tobacco, sweet hay, slight tang


Flavor: Dried cherries, cranberry, raisin, spices, coffee grounds, dry earthy. Molasses, graham cracker, very dry. Dusty astringency.


Recommendation: Not recommended. It’s not bad per se - there's no burned notes, no mold, not much bitterness, but it has a lot of dusty/dry earth flavors


Batch info: Best before June 30, 2022

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