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Parliament Chocolate is based in Redlands, California. They offer an interesting range of origins including Tanzania, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, and Honduras.


Honduras Wampusirpi 70%

Flavor: A full, interesting flavor. Rich, classic chocolate profile, with notes of chocolate cookies, raisin, molasses. There is a little bit of earthiness/very ripe fruit, like damp soil and grape jam. A richness reminiscent of hazelnut/macadamia nuts. A slight black tea-like dryness; does not detract from flavor. Pleasant aftertaste. Very little bitterness. Low acidity, but it is complex enough that it works well. 


Recommendation: Highly recommended. A good example of this origin.


Tanzania Kilombero 70%


Flavor: Lots of flavor, starting out with tangy red fruit and dry wood; cranberry/sour cherry with a noticeable dryness. It has a softer fruity finish with notes of peach, candied fruit, and guanabana and a faint grassiness and dustiness.


Recommendation: Recommended. One of the better Tanzania bars I have had recently, which I find as an origin can be quite variable in quality.

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