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Boho Chocolate is based in New England, where they make single origin bars with beans from Belize, Bolivia, Guatemala, Peru, Madagascar and the Domincan Republic. They have received three of the biggest awards in the chocolate world - Academy of Chocolate, International Chocolate Awards, and the Good Food Awards.

Peru Ucayali 70%


Aroma: leather, raspberry, brown fruit, astringent, herbal


Flavor: starts with a round, even fruitiness – cherry, peanut, dried fruit, lactic like cream cheese frosting, caramel, sweet malt, creamy vanilla like pudding or marshmallow, slight bitterness, slight starchiness. Lightly roasted so a vegetal freshness comes through.


Recommendation: Recommended.


Batch info: 187428, Best by February 19, 2021

Bolivia 70%


Aroma: Soft


Flavor: Mellow flavors. Classic creamy flavors of Bolivian cacao - vanilla, marshmallow, eggnog.  Slightly herbal, cinnamon, gingerbread, soft red fruit/peach, candied dried fruit, key lime pie, a hint of green vegetal flavors, dusty cocoa powder.

Recommendation: Recommended.

Batch info: 131287, Best by January 4, 2020

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