Sacred Summit

Peru Norandino 70%


Flavor: I think there is some flavor cross-contamination, as there is a very distinct turmeric flavor even though the bar is supposed to be unflavored. This bar is also sweetened with maple sugar. The turmeric and maple flavors make it really hard to assess the cacao itself. There is mostly a lightly dry woody flavor that is not bad but not particularly pleasant either.

Recommendation: I did not care for this bar. It is not bad exactly, but weird, and unfortunately the nuances are somewhat lost under the turmeric and maple. This maker does have a Golden Mylk bar made with turmeric, and I’m guessing that the flavor is hard to totally get out of the machinery or that the bars were stored too closely. I have noticed this in a few other unflavored bars from makers that also make bars with strongly flavored inclusions. I also prefer plain cane or beet sugar because they add the least additional distracting flavors; maple can be good but this tastes grassy and odd. I would definitely skip this one and get a different Peru bar.

Belize Toledo 75%

Aroma: honey, curry powder, molasses, maple sugar, slightly vegetal


Flavor: A nice mix of savory and sweet: spices, molasses, chipotle peppers, sweet barbecue sauce, green apple. However, there is a distinct flavor of curry powder and turmeric, which is likely contamination from their Golden Mylk bar made with turmeric.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. There are some nice flavors here, with some richness and complexity, but the intensity of the turmeric flavor is a problem.


Batch info: Enjoy by August 17, 2021