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Crow & Moss

Crow & Moss makes a range of single-origin bars from sought-after origins including Honduras, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. They also make some interesting inclusion bars - Earl Grey tea, Bolivian rose salt, and Brazilian coffee.

Colombia Arauca 70%


Aroma: like some Bolivian, creamy and a little astringent, mineral, soft red fruit


Flavor: Sweet and delicate. Light on classic chocolate flavors, instead featuring lots of nutty and fruity notes – peach, cooked pear, honey, honeysuckle, raw cashews. A soft acidity like sweet tarts, lemon, sumac or juniper berries, with a freshness. A little astringent, like slightly unripe berries. A slight starchiness, very little bitterness, no dark flavors.


Recommendation: Recommended. I liked this more and more with each bite.


Batch info: Batch 52, Best by March 2021

Honduras Wampusirpi 70%


Aroma: barbecue sauce, peas – savory and softly earthy


Flavor: Good! Some soft, slightly earthy savoriness like soybeans. Brownies, fudge, chocolate syrup, chocolate pudding cake, gingerbread, cooked grains, a little peach/cashew sweetness. Some mellow fruit notes, not acidic but adding sweetness and complexity - raspberry, peach. Some toasty, nutty flavors with a slight toasted walnut dryness.


Recommendation: Highly recommended.


Batch info: Batch 74; Best by August 2022

Ecuador Camino Verde 70%


Aroma: Bread, biscuits, a little astringency. Similar to many Ecuador bars.


Flavor: Quite astringent. Black tea, brownie with burned edges, biscuits, green apple. Some bright acidity. Very dry with a slight bite.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. I’ve had excellent Camino Verde bars but unfortunately this one wasn’t great. I’ve also had really good stuff from Crow & Moss (the Honduras bar is lovely), so I’m guessing these are tricky beans to work with. These flavors are common, though. I’ve had a lot of bars made in Ecuador that tasted similar.

Batch info: Batch 75; best by June 2022

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