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The Philippines

Theo & Philo

Philo Chua, founder of Theo & Philo, tries to capture the rich flavors and heritage of the Philippines in every one of his beautifully wrapped bars. Using Filipino cacao, he makes a range of plain dark and milk bars and well as inclusion bars with traditional ingredients such as green mango and salt, ginger and mint, and adobo spices.

Philippines 70%


Aroma: Cornstarch, leather, chocolate pudding, malt, slight grassiness


Flavor: Nice mild but rich, slight cocoa powder/dusty chocolate flavor. Sunflower seeds, raisin, fudge, cookies made with cornstarch, vanilla, chocolate pudding, slight woody tang – cedar, vanilla frosting, malt, sweet peanut butter


Recommendation: Recommended. Mellow and pleasant.


Batch info: Lot no. A19D70BM, Consume before July 21, 2020

Calinan, Davao, Philippines 72%


Aroma: dusty, crackers, flour


Flavor: Bland with a slight mold/mushroom flavor that permeate the bar.


Recommendation: Not recommended. The mold defect pretty much ruins it, and there was little flavor to begin with.

Batch info: 19P205P64; Best by November 13, 2020

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