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Based in California, Raphio makes a range of single-origin bars plus some inventive inclusion bars such as Meyer lemon and olive oil.

Peru 72%


Aroma: cinnamon, caramel, raisins, damp earth, buttery, tannins


Flavor: cinnamon quite distinct. A little astringent like green banana. Molasses, ginger. A bit of red fruit. Herbal flavors – menthol. A few little pieces of nib in bar – not intentional? Coffee grounds, fruit peel (banana/papaya), licorice. Reminds me of ginger bread or a cinnamon roll. Woody, cinnamon, like bark. There is a central note of bitterness running through it that overshadows the more delicate flavors a bit.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. There are some interesting flavors but also some bitterness and astringency that detract somewhat from the overall experience. I’m curious to try other bars from this company to compare.


Batch info: Batch no. IP7487, Best by May 8, 2019

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