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Spotlight: Fruition's Origins of Peru Set

This four-bar Origins of Peru set from Fruition Chocolate includes three dark bars from different regions and one dark milk made with a blend of all three. I highly recommend it; it’s great to be able to explore regional differences across several bars from the same makers. As an added bonus, the packaging is gorgeous, making it a perfect holiday gift!


Chuncho 73%


Aroma: pleasant, dry wood,


Flavor: Complex: coffee, dark caramel, raisins, figs; nougat and honey, meringue. Nutty, creamy richness. As it melts a delicate lemony acidity emerges. It’s not fruity but there is a little dried fruit tanginess. Slight bitterness and astringency, excellent texture - fudgy.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. My favorite of the three dark bars.


Dark Milk 68%


Flavor: Lovely. Fruity with the slightest tanginess - strawberries, raspberry, dried pear – and caramel notes -  crème brûlée. Just a little dryness - green wood and an ultra smooth texture.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. One of the best dark milk bars I have had.


Piura Blanco 73%


Flavor: Good, quite flavorful. Good complexity liked aged spirits - cognac, brandy. Slightly fruity: lemon/lime tanginess, grapefruit, pineapple, green apple; as well as a macadamia nut richness that results in a key lime pie type flavor. Also some dryness, like  hazelnut skins. The acidity balances the dryness a bit more than the Marañon bar.


Recommendation: Recommended. My second favorite of the three dark bars.


Marañón 73%


Flavor: Toasty, caramel, some dryness but not excessive - like hazelnut skin. A subtle, almost fruity note. Super smooth texture. A bit more bitter than the other two, but still pleasant notes.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. My least favorite of the three dark bars. Some pleasant notes but the astringency is a little distracting.

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