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Guatemala 64%


Aroma: caramelly, honey, butter and brown sugar, walnut skin, toast


Flavor: Pleasant and sweet. Distinct light honey flavor, also candy corn and chocolate buttercream frosting. A little molasses, raisin, dark caramelly flavors like that. Pumpkin pie spice. Hint of ginger? Hint of green, some creaminess. Maybe like custard apple – that creamy, sweet, acidic, slightly granular taste and texture.


Recommendation: Recommended. A lovely flavor with good complexity. If you like dark chocolate a bit sweeter (or are trying to bring someone over to the dark side!), you’ll love this well-made, flavorful bar.


Batch info: GT20AUG2021

Peru Gran Blanco 66%

Aroma: floral, maple syrup


Flavor: A nectar-like sweetness. Peach candy, raspberry syrup, marzipan, raisins, molasses, fig jam, fig newtons, medium acidity – pomegranate, red fruit, very pleasant, accentuates the fruitiness, a slight tanginess


Recommendation: Recommended. Lovely delicate fruit flavors. I just wish it were slightly less sweet because the cacao is really nice and I’d like to taste it a little more intensely.


Batch info: GB13, Best by August 2021

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