Australia and New Zealand


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Atypic makes single origin and inclusion bars with cocoa from islands in the South Pacific. They also make fun spreads, cookies, hot chocolate mixes, and holiday treats.
Solomon Islands 70%


Aroma: dusty earth


Flavor: seeds. Roasted soybeans, natural peanut butter, sunflower butter. Cocoa powder, chocolate cookies, chocolate teddy grahams. A little creaminess, a little starchiness. A little red fruit.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. Clearly made with good beans, but overall, quite sweet and not very rich - little of the smooth flavor and textural notes of macadamia nuts, heavy cream, or cocoa butter that help round out chocolate flavors. Slightly granular texture.


Batch info: Best before November 2021


Guatemala 64%


Aroma: caramelly, honey, butter and brown sugar, walnut skin, toast


Flavor: Pleasant and sweet. Distinct light honey flavor, also candy corn and chocolate buttercream frosting. A little molasses, raisin, dark caramelly flavors like that. Pumpkin pie spice. Hint of ginger? Hint of green, some creaminess. Maybe like custard apple – that creamy, sweet, acidic, slightly granular taste and texture.


Recommendation: Recommended. A lovely flavor with good complexity. If you like dark chocolate a bit sweeter (or are trying to bring someone over to the dark side!), you’ll love this well-made, flavorful bar.


Batch info: GT20AUG2021

Peru Gran Blanco 66%

Aroma: floral, maple syrup


Flavor: A nectar-like sweetness. Peach candy, raspberry syrup, marzipan, raisins, molasses, fig jam, fig newtons, medium acidity – pomegranate, red fruit, very pleasant, accentuates the fruitiness, a slight tanginess


Recommendation: Recommended. Lovely delicate fruit flavors. I just wish it were slightly less sweet because the cacao is really nice and I’d like to taste it a little more intensely.


Batch info: GB13, Best by August 2021


Based in Toowoomba, Australia, Metiisto makes award winning chocolate, drinking chocolate, truffles and more with cacao from the Solomon Islands.

Tenaru 67%


Aroma: hazelnuts, cocoa mulch


Flavor: Toasted almond, nougat, honey, hazelnut, fruit (soft), custard apple, peach, honeydew melon, floral, light acidity, not like tangy red fruit, complex wildflower honey, pear juice,


Recommendation: Highly recommended


Batch info: Best before September 27, 2020

Solomon Islands (Paspaskato) grown by Kenny Patovaki 72%

Aroma: cocoa powder, dry leaves/hay, dry grains


Flavor: Rich and smooth with delicate flavors: a little fruit (raspberry) with lots nut and seed notes: tahini, raw cashew, sesame, cashew butter, sunflower seeds, gianduja, slight green seed, saltines, toasted PB&J sandwich, sourdough bread. Criollo-like mellowness.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. Incredible cacao, beautifully made into chocolate. Be sure to their Tenaru bar as well.


Batch info: Best before June 10, 2021