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Friis Holm

Nicaragua Chuno 70% Double turned


Aroma: cocoa butter, hint of cinnamon, macadamia nuts, unroasted seeds, cocoa powder,


Flavor: Super smooth and mellow from what I assume is a high percentage of cocoa butter. Flavors are mild, but pleasant: faint licorice, molasses, dusty earth, faint berries, black olive. Warming brings out soft notes of dried cherry and cranberry, also a Nutella-like nutty creaminess. It made a lovely drinking chocolate with hints of citrus zest and a delicate bitterness – probably one of the best drinking chocolates I have ever had.


Recommendation: Recommended. Flavors are subtle, but if you give them enough time, they expand beautifully – make sure to taste slowly and take a sip of hot water beforehand, because if you don’t give it time to melt it will seem bland and waxy! I think this is why it works so well as a drinking chocolate, because it does not become overly bitter or acidic when warmed, which some chocolates do. It retails for around $20 in the US, which is a bit pricey but note that it is a full 100g bar.


Batch info: 31 December 2021

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