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Goodnow Farms

Based in Sudbury, Massachussetts, Goodnow Farms makes single origin bars, as well as interesting dark bars including maple sugar, rye whiskey, and brown butter. They have won gold at the Academy of Chocolate and the International Chocolate Awards as well as bringing home multiple Good Food and sofi Awards.

Dominican Republic 55% Dark Milk

(Cacao from Zorzal Cacao and organic milk from Organic West Milk)


Aroma: raisin, molasses, dried figs, fig jam


Flavor: Very milky – noticeable (pleasant) flavors of powdered milk like freeze-dried ice cream. There is some bitterness in the beans, not excessive, like grapefruit or a dark beer with some hops. Also a lot of raisin/fig flavors. It takes a little time to melt, and once it does, the flavors meld nicely and some faint wood and red fruit notes emerge – cranberry, with the slight bitter edge. A slight granularity from the milk powder, which dissolves as it melts. Not unpleasant – I found it interesting.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. A bold dark milk bar, ideal for someone who likes dark chocolate and wants to combine the intensity of dark with pleasant creamy and rich milk flavors. One of our tasters who tends to like sweet milk chocolate thought this was well made, but not something he would choose again, while others loved that it brought the depth of dark chocolate to a milk chocolate bar.


Batch info: Batch no 1169; Best by September 2022

Ecuador Esmeraldas 70%

Aroma: prune, dried fig, butter, dried cherry, cherries, dry cut wood, dried cranberries


Flavor: Rich fruity chocolate, buttery richness, pomegranate, hazelnut skin, walnut, wood, dark fruit/dried dark fruit, peach, red wine, sweet raisins.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. Full flavor and complexity. Excellent texture.


Batch info: Batch 1083, best by March 2021

Mexico Almendra Blanca


Aroma: malt, caramel, sour grains


Flavor: Rich and delicate flavors bloom and fill your mouth, lingering for a long time. Delicate criollo flavors - hazelnuts, heavy cream richness, apricot. Some greenness, slight astringency but balanced – probably due to the light roast. Dried cherries, floral – rose, almond extract, cherry blossom, jasmine green tea. Orange peel. Slight back of throat bite; a pleasant sourness. Very little bitterness. Fudgy texture.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. A beautiful balance of delicate flavors that emerge when you taste slowly and pay careful attention.


Batch info: Batch no 1058, best by January 2020

Peru 100%

Aroma: butter, delicate floral, chocolate buttercream, cherries


Flavor: intense, slightly bitter, a slight dryness - Almost wouldn’t say astringent, buttery,  rich, very tangy


Recommendation: Highly recommended.

Batch info: Batch no. 1125; Best by December 2021

Madagascar Bejofo Estate Limited Edition 77%

Review coming soon


Brazil Bahia Limited Edition 77%

Review coming soon

Guatemala Asochivite 77%


Aroma: rich and slightly tangy, like rye bread and dark caramel

Flavor: Bright, creamy, and tangy, like kiwi or custard apple. Notes of caramel and banana, as well as some dryness, like toasted walnuts with the skin. Also wood, dried fruit, cranberry, balsamic vinegar. The tannic dryness is somewhat distinct. Some bitterness, but not excessive. Excellent texture, smooth with a slight chewiness.

Recommendation: Recommended. This is an intense bar with flavors tending a bit towards bitter and dry. One of the favorites of our recent Guatemala line up.


Batch info: Batch 1141; Best by May 2022

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