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Kad Kokoa

Making chocolate in Bangkok since 2018, Kad Kokoa sources beans from around Thailand to make regional single-origin bars. It was started by two corporate lawyers who ventured out of the office and into the stunning Thai countryside, where they learned about cacao production. They were inspired to start a chocolate company and foster a new culture of Thai chocolate. They are one of our new favorite makers! You can order these bars from Choc Exchange and Cocoa NYC.


Prachuap Khiri Khan 70%

Flavor: Vanilla pudding, red fruit, deep chocolate. Perfectly smooth texture.

Recommendation: Highly recommended. Emerged as the all-around favorite when I included it at a tasting event!


Chumphon 70%


Flavor: Great flavor and complexity; really well made. Lots of rich brown fruit flavors, raisin, brown sugar, molasses, dark caramel. Other interesting flavors including grape, graham cracker, a slight forest-floor earthiness. Great texture, good melt. Good roast profile too, some pleasant caramelly notes but not too dark, really highlights the cacao flavors. Great lingering aftertaste.


Recommendation: Highly recommended (long with their other bars!)


Thailand Chantaburi 70%

Flavor: Smooth, mild flavors: chocolate pudding, lemon ice cream, toasted marshmallow, chocolate cookies, sunflower seeds, Macadamia nut richness. Great texture, really good beans and nice fermentation. Overall, an excellent bar.


Recommendation: Highly recommended! Smooth and mild. Quite nice! This was the first bar made with Thai cacao that I’ve tried, and I was super impressed.

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