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Located in Victoria, Canada, Sirene uses beans from Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, and Tanzania to make award-winning chocolate.



Aroma: cardamom, licorice, molasses, dried figs, raisins, brown sugar


Flavor: cardamom, overripe fruit, spices, lime, cinnamon graham cracker, citrus rind, earthy soil


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. I didn’t care for this particular flavor profile, with lots of spice notes and some less refined vegetal flavors. Nonetheless, it is interesting and distinct – perhaps you’ll enjoy it.


Batch info: Batch no. 37

Mexico Soconusco Limited Edition 73%


Aroma: raisins, molasses, panela


Flavor: Mellow cocoa with fruit and pastry notes: shortbread, a little tangy (raspberry),

honey, peaches, tropical fruit, mango pineapple, a little bit of a flat dusty cocoa note, kind of like raw sugar cookie dough, graham crackers, cashews.


Recommendation: Recommended. Good flavor overall, this bar is worth a try. The texture was intentionally left slightly grainy, according to the package. I don’t think it enhances the experience, but it doesn’t detract from the flavor either. It reminds me of Map’s wonderful Tabasco nano-lot.


Batch info: <Limited Edition>

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