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Where to Buy Chocolate


If you are lucky enough to live in an area with good chocolate stores, go there first. There is nothing quite as satisfying as being able to see the bars lined up across the shelves and hold them in your hands before choosing. Plus, you can ask knowledgeable staff for advice and they often have samples! If there are no chocolate shops nearby, explore the selections from the excellent online retailers listed below. In general: If you just want one or a few bars from a single maker, check their website first rather than a larger retailer because you may get slightly better prices and you will pay shipping either way. If you are hoping to buy a mix of bars, you are probably better off with a specialty retailer, so you have a wide range of choices from the same place and can take advantage of free shipping (usually offered for orders over $50-$75).

Online Retailers

Bar and Cocoa -

I have had excellent experiences with Bar and Cocoa. Their customer service is fantastic and they offer a great range of bars.

Caputo's Market & Deli -

They have a brick-and-mortar store in Salt Lake City,  UT, but offer a great selection online with free shipping nationwide.

Chocosphere -

A huge selection of makers and bars.

Chocolopolis -

Store based in Seattle with a huge online selection.

The Chocolate Man -

The Chocolate Man specializes in bulk chocolate and chocolate making tools; they offer classes as well. You can buy chocolate online or visit their store: Lake Forest Park Town Center, 17171 Bothell Way NE Ste. A130, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

Yahara Chocolate -

Stop into their cute shop in Stoughton, Wisconsin, if you're in the area! Otherwise, order online. I've ordered from them several times and gotten great quality and fast shipping.

Cocoa Store -

I haven't personally ordered from here, but they have a great selection online.

Choc Exchange -

Very good selection including bars that are hard to find elsewhere.

The Meadow -

I've ordered from them several times. Great selection of chocolate especially local Oregon makers. Tons of fun salts, spices, and bitters as well!

Maker Websites

Maker websites almost always offer the widest range of products of that particular brand, and are sometimes the only place to get limited edition bars. They may be cheaper – it depends, but cursory research turned up prices 50¢ to $2 less than third-party retailer prices for some bars. The downside, of course, is that they only offer their range of products and unless you want $70 or so worth of one maker’s chocolate you will also pay for shipping.

Good Chocolate Stores by City


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Surdyk’s -

Surdyk's is a Minneapolis landmark specializing in fine liquors and cheeses, but they also offer a small range of craft chocolate.

France 44 -

Like Surdyk's, France 44 is known for their selection of wine, beer, spirits, and cheese. They have a small but thoughtful selection of craft chocolate.


Portland, Oregon


The Meadow -

There are two locations of this fantastic chocolate shop in Portland, as well as one in New York and one in Japan! They have a large selection of excellent craft chocolate, as well as fine salts and inspired bitters. If you are in Portland, don't miss it! You can also shop their products on the website.

Cacao -

Another great chocolate destination in Portland, Cacao offers a large array of craft chocolate and truffles, plus a café serving velvety drinking chocolate.

San Francisco, California

Chocolate Covered - 641-8123

This tiny shop offers over 1,000 chocolate bars from around the world, including lots of hard-to-find makers. Since they stock many varieties in small quantities, they don't offer online ordering, but if you call and order over the phone, they will ship it to you. Give them a call if you are looking for something rare and unique!

Fog City News -

This newsstand/chocolate shop is located on one of San Francisco's busiest streets, so it's perfect if you are sightseeing in the city. They have a medium-sized range of some very good makers. NOTE: Sadly, this is now closed.

New York City


The Meadow -




Caputo’s offers a fantastic selection of top-quality craft chocolate from brands including Amano, Amedei, Dick Taylor, Domori, LetterPress, Friis Holm, Marou, Pralus, Ritual, and many more. I was very satisfied with the selection and the shipping process. Find them at


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