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Belize Maya Mountain 70%

Flavor: Acetic acid, a little bit astringent - light roast. Intense flavor, slight red fruit acidity - like cranberry. On second bite more raspberry emerges. Some lingering coffee bitterness.

Recommendation: Recommended.


Guatemala Lachuá 70%

Flavor: Brownie edge, pleasant acidity, dried blueberry

Recommendation: Recommended. Good!


Indonesia Bali 70%

Flavor: Graham crackers, chocolate cookies

Recommendation: Good overall. Pleasant, if not exciting.


Madagascar Sambirano 70%


Flavor: A rich, inviting aroma and bright, fruity, tangy flavor with notes of peach and raspberry. They’ve done a great job roasting to bring out the fruitiness, highlighting notes of tart cherry, freeze-dried raspberry, and passionfruit. The acidity is well-balanced, though, and is combined with an underlying creamy richness that emerges at it melts and some brownie-like rich chocolate notes. Excellent texture -smooth melt, slightly fudgy.

Recommendation: Highly recommended. I’d buy it again - this is what I want in a Madagascar bar.


India Indukki 70%


Flavor: Notes of graham flour/whole wheat flour, dried goji berries, and an underlying creaminess. Very little bitterness and virtually no astringency.

Recommendation: Recommended. Good! Mild and pleasant.

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