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Stone Grindz

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Stone Grindz Chocolate makes four single origin bars, a handful of fun inclusion bars, and stunning truffles.

Peru Ucayali River 70%


Aroma: rich buttery aroma, delicate toasted nuts, sweetgrass,


Flavor: Some classic Peru flavor, very light astringency, buttery richness with the slightest greenness, brightness and a well-rounded acidity, little bursts of a fresh orange tanginess emerge as it melts, dark cherry, caramel, toasted walnut. Very clean flavor with no muddiness, very little bitterness.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. One of the best Peru bars I have ever tried. Sublime.


Batch info: Enjoy by January 1, 2021

Wild Bolvia 70%


Aroma: rich and complex, leather, raisins


Flavor: Lovely classic Bolivia flavor. Creaminess with no unpleasant starchiness and lots of sweetness. Graham crackers, distinct toasted grains, very slight toasty dryness, pecans, light brown sugar. Slight delicate tang, dried cherry, buttery richness, grape. They bring out a lot of gentle fruitiness from an origin that is otherwise often creamy with little to no fruitiness. They say apple, cashew – I would mostly agree.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. A beautifully made example of the best of Bolivian beans.


Batch info: Enjoy by January 1, 2021

Peru Hacienda Victoria 85%


Aroma: rich aroma, toast


Flavor: Dried cherries and blueberries, buttered toast, toasted grain, chocolate pudding, heavy cream, slight yogurt tang, coffee grounds, brownie, almond butter, perfect non-muddy earthiness, slight toasty astringency. Near the end, warm, soft floral flavors fill your mouth. Virtually no bitterness.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. Stunning. A lush flavor with very little bitterness for an 85% bar.


Batch info: Enjoy by January 1, 2021

Costa Esmeraldas Ecuador 70%


Aroma: toasty malted notes


Flavor: graham cracker, lime, key lime pie, peanuts, some tanginess


Recommendation: Highly recommended. This bar was an all-around favorite at several tastings.


Batch info: Enjoy by January 1, 2021

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