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Cuna de Piedra

Soconusco Chiapas 85%

Aroma: inviting dark chocolate aroma, honey, brown sugar,


Flavor: pleasant, hint of dryness, smooth, dry leaves/tea/walnut notes, some nice acidity, nutmeg, honey, marzipan, powdered sugar, raw cashews, sourdough bread (interior), a bit chalky, brownie, honey, walnuts, not intense flavor. Nice shine.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. There are some pleasant notes, but the flavor was a bit flat overall.


Batch info: Lot: 2370001; Best by May 2021; Rainy season 2019 Harvest

Comalco, Tabasco 73%


Aroma: toasted malt, leather, sundried tomato, raisins, warm earth


Flavor: earthy, little bursts of red fruitiness/raspberry and acidity, a little dryness, some good flavor. Flavor continues to expand as it warms, revealing notes of cookies and honey. Overall an unrefined character that suggests a light roast and short conche.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. Unusual, with some pleasant flavors. I have had several Mexico bars I preferred, but this was not bad.


Batch info: Lot 2862002; Best by August 2021

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