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Honduras Wampusirpi 70%

Aroma: Dark. Caramel, dried cherry, fresh bread crust, slightly astringent, some savory notes like beef jerky

Flavor: Unusual – but good. A buttery richness rounds out earthy, slightly bitter notes of wood, coffee grounds, dark salted caramel, red wine (faint), dark beer, dried cherry/cranberry, raw hazelnut, and a little bit of a very ripe fruit/raisin/port flavor. There is very little acidity and just a slight astringency. Great fudgy texture.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. Wonderful complexity in the beans themselves, which are clearly well roasted and conched to bring out toasted flavors but preserve all the unique character. It is a somewhat less common origin and makes a great addition to a tasting flight for that reason, in addition to being delicious.


Batch info: Roasted November 19, 2019

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