Zotter makes a line of unique filled bars as well as a wide range of single-origin bars.

Peru Criollo Blend 82%


Flavor: Delicate clean flavors that fade quickly. Marzipan, seeds, hazelnut, a slight toastiness, a hint of grapefruit.


Recommendation: Highly recommended.

Batch info: Best by December 7, 2021

80/20% Dark Milk


Aroma: granola, brownie, hazelnut skin,


Flavor: A flavor reminiscent of baked goods: brownie, granola, oatmeal raisin cookie. Also rich and dark flavors: dark roasted almonds, almond butter, a little salty butteriness, browned butter. Nice hint of sweetness that balances out a slight bitterness. Very smooth texture.


Recommendation: Recommended – I loved it and thought it unique and very satisfying; some other tasters found it odd but not unpleasant. It offers the intensity and richness of a 100% bar with a lot of the bitter edge softened by the milk. A great option if you enjoy the combination of milk and chocolate but want something that’s less sweet. 


Batch info: Best before July 13, 2021

Peru 100%


Aroma: cocoa powder, mellow, earthy


Flavor: Dark roast flavors: toasted almonds, coffee, wood, not a lot of complexity, somewhat bitter, some saltiness. A little sour, brownies, hint of a slightly chemical note. Some dryness, not excessive but distinct.


Recommendation: Can’t say this was my favorite. I like a lot of what Zotter does; their Peru 82% and Bolivia 90% are stunning! This one, however, was edging a little too close to over-roasted for me. Unless you really like dark roast flavors, I would go for a more delicate 100% bar, such as one from Pralus, Akesson’s, Firetree, or Cacao Hunters.


Batch info: Best by December 7, 2021

Maya Cacao 100%

Flavor: Tangy, some mellowness like criollo, not really any astringency, little sour.

Dark roast? Dark toasted almonds, a bit of a bite. Some bitterness and very little natural sweetness, with a hint of salt. Smooth melt.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. Not unpleasant – the texture is great, and there are some nice flavors. However, there are several 100% bars milder and more complex than this that I would recommend instead – those from Pralus, Metiisto, Akesson’s, Cacao Hunters, and Firetree.


Batch info: Best by August 9, 2021

Criollo Time Travel 16hr vs. 20 hr. Conche Time


16 Hour Conche

Aroma: toast, toasted hazelnuts,

Flavor: Super mellow and smooth, with light, delicate flavors. Honey, whole wheat cookies, sorghum molasses, cocoa powder, malted milk, butterscotch, gianduia, a little green seed.


20 Hour Conche

Aroma: black tea, raisins, oats, whole wheat biscuits

Flavor: Lots of darker, complex grain flavors: molasses, dark beer, whole wheat biscuits; plus a little red fruit - dried cherry and green tea. A very smooth, cocoa-buttery mouthfeel.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. The flavors of both bars are excellent – refined and delicate but offering plenty of interest and complexity. I liked the 16-hour conche better; it had more of a criollo/gianduia flavor. Again, both were excellent.


Batch info: Best before April 26, 2021







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