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The Chocolate Making Process

  • Cacao production - cacao beans are the seeds of the cacao tree, which can be grown in hot, humid regions of the world. They are protected by a thick pod.

  • Harvest - pods are removed from the tree and cut open with a machete

  • Fermentation - beans are fermented for 2-7 days to develop flavor

  • Drying - beans are dried to 6-7% moisture. Flavor contintues to develop

  • Shipping - beans are bagged and shipped around the world

  • Roasting - beans are roasted to develop flavor

  • Dehulling and winnowing - beans are lightly crushed to loosen shells, which are often separated with screens and fans

  • Grinding - beans are roughly ground at first, then more finely ground to make cocoa mass

  • Refining (Conching) - cocoa mass may be gently warmed and ground for up to 72 hours to refine the flavor and make the texture perfectly smooth

  • Tempering - chocolate must be warmed and cooled in a certain way to produce the right type of fat crystals

  • Molding - tempered chocolate is poured into mold and allowed to cool

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