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Belú is family-owned company based in El Salvador. They produce bean-to-bar chocolate with Salvadorian beans and a range of inclusions, such as orange peel, sea salt, raw cane sugar, and spices. Dark bars are offered in 70, 80, and 100%. Belú captures the distinct, complex flavor of this origin while supporting rural women with fairly-paid jobs.

El Salvador 70%

Aroma: cooked grains, molasses, earthy, cocoa powder, root cellar, minerally,  slightly minty herbal


Flavor: tangy red fruit - dried cherries, raspberries, very distinct fresh green like snap peas, earthy, coffee grounds, mineral soil, fresh earthy – root cellar, root vegetables – beets, jicama. Also some warm malt/caramel notes. Hard snap.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. Unusual and very distinct.


Batch info: Lot no. 210219, Exp. February 21, 2020

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