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Fjåk is Norway's first bean-to-bar chocolate maker. They offer a range of single origin and inclusion bars.


Madagascar Åkesson's Estate, Bejofo 70%




Recommendation:   Coming soon!

Batch info:

Tanzania Kilombero Valley, Kokoa Kamili Co-op 70%

Aroma: leather, dried mango, cocoa powder


Flavor: Dried red fruit flavors are central: raisin, dried raspberry (raspberry fruit leather), dried cherry, raspberry jam, fig jam. Bitterness and astringency are minimal and acidity is balanced, enhancing the fruitiness. A slight coffee-like bitterness lingers.

Recommendation:  Recommended.


Uganda Semuliki 70%

Flavor: Raisin, fig jam, port wine/an alcohol type flavor. Some good flavors but also some over-ripe fruit, slight muddiness. This batch of beans could be slightly overfermented. Really well-made bar though, good texture, appropriate roast, nicely brings out the flavor of the cacao.

Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. Not our favorite, not bad though. Super intense flavor! Never had anything quite like that. Literally tastes like biting into dried fruit.

India 68%


Aroma: licorice, anise, floral, spices, dried figs

Flavor: banana bread, fried plantains, mellow fruitiness, not super tangy, red wine, brown sugar. The flavor is pleasant, mild, and fades quickly.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. It is pleasant, but I liked the brightness and intensity of flavor in the India bars from Solstice and French Broad better.


Batch info: Best by September 2021

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