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OmNom is based in a converted gas station in Reykjavik, Iceland where two childhood friends make a handful of single origin bars, classic inclusion bars such as caramel, coffee, and almond, and less common bars such as licorice (very popular in Scandinavia) and burnt barley (evidently popular somewhere).

Madagascar 66%

Aroma: licorice, anise, prunes, raisins, port, molasses, cherry, burned rubber


Flavor: Very sweet and fruity, a symphony of berries builds, starts with earthy flavors that give way to fruit. Lactic and berry notes but little complexity. Sweet, some fruity notes emerge, nice base chocolate flavor. Grainy texture and not melting smoothly – sugar bloom? Sort of a rustic fruity/tangy flavor.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. It did have a nice fruitiness, but there are better Madagascar bars available for the same price. It's possible that poor handling lead to the grainy texture and faded flavor - I will assess other Omnom bars in the coming weeks.


Batch info:  Best before September 12, 2019

Tanzania 70%


Aroma: soft aroma – raisins, figs, molasses, raspberry jam, creamy vanilla pudding, green apple, floury cookies, dried raspberry, dried cranberries


Flavor: brown fruit, faint licorice, creamy rice pudding, marshmallow, raspberry, caramel, medium-dark honey, buckwheat, dried figs. A buttery richness emerges when the chocolate it sufficiently warm.


Recommendation: Recommended. A really nice mix of fruitiness and richness.

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