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Triangle has become one of my new favorite makers with their bold, bright, clear flavor profiles and solid range of single origin bars. Though dark chocolate is our focus, the fact that they make a fantastic white latté bar certainly doesn't hurt.


Nicaragua La Colonia 70%


Aroma: bread, sourdough pancakes


Flavor:  Softer bread/sourdough notes to start, then a clear, bright flavor as soon as it melts: brown sugar, red wine, mulling spices, apple cider, good bright acidity. The finish has some tannins and a slight earthiness, along with coffee grounds and toasted hazelnuts. Really nice start, don’t love the finish but still  very good overall.


Recommendation: Recommended.


Guatemala Lachuá 70%


Aroma: slightly tangy, rich chocolate


Flavor: A great mix of creamy and fruity flavors, with both richness and tanginess reminiscent of mango lassi, lemon ice cream, crème fraîche, and guanabana.

Recommendation: Highly recommended. Bright, complex, and interesting. One of the best Guatemala bars we've had.

(When we tried this bar a few months earlier, we found bright and fruity notes of orange creamsicle, apple/dried apple, and grapefruit rind with a rich chocolate base + coffee.)


Philippines Malah Na Bulong 70%


Flavor: A really beautifully made bar. Deep chocolately flavors, hot cocoa, marshmallow, brownie, chocolate cookies, faint notes of caramel/Nutella and a slight dry leaf tannin.

Recommendation: Highly recommended.


Latte White Chocolate (Milk & Espresso)

Flavor: This bar literally tastes like a cappuccino in bar form. Smooth texture, satisfying melt, great balance of creamy milk and coffee flavors. Sweet, but not overly so.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. Even if you don't like white chocolate, you might find yourself enjoying this.

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