Somerville Chocolate

Based in Somerville, Massachusetts, Somerville Chocolate is based on a Community Supported Agriculture model, unique in the bean-to-bar chocolate world. You can join a season and receive three bars each from four different harvests, including bars made with beans from Colombia, Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and more. Some harvests include interesting variations like three different roast profiles with the same beans, an awesome approach that is hard to find elsewhere! You can also buy bars individually online by emailing them as well as at many locations in Massachusetts and a few shops in other states.

Hawaii Papaikou 70%


Aroma: red wine, mulled wine, spices, cloves, green apple, a little fermenty funk and a pleasantly strong fruity aroma.

Flavor: spices, earthiness, pineapple, a slight dusty starchiness like cornstarch, rich mineral soil, a slight back of the throat bite, red wine, cherries, a fruity, fermented funkiness

Recommendation: Recommended. Complex; the fruity fermented flavors are similar to other Hawaiian bars I’ve tasted.

Batch info: Produced 9/10/19