Patric, based in Colombia, Missouri, makes award-winning single-origin and flavored chocolate bars such as red coconut curry, mocha, and PB&J.  Patric has won 23 Good Food Awards, but can be hard to find due to limited production.

Madagascar 67%


Aroma: caramel, raisin, floral, dried fig and spices in the way that figs can have spice notes, anise, licorice, fig jam, powdered milk, mushrooms, brown sugar


Flavor: Complex, with mostly sweet fruit, floral, and dairy/buttery pastry flavors. Notes of grapes, Concord grape juice, sweet fresh dark cherries, Spanish fig cake, a Port wine sweetness, subtle juicy raspberries/raspberry syrup, blackberries. Dairy and pastry flavors range from vanilla and butterscotch puddings, vanilla buttercream frosting, vanilla cake, cookies, and buttery caramel to marzipan and blackberry almond frangipane. A vanilla, cookie/cake flavor lingers pleasantly for a long time. There’s a bit of a creamy floral note, like rose or jasmine green tea. A subdued flavor of damp soil/mushroomy funk like moldy blackberry, but not to an unpleasant degree, appears briefly in the middle but fades away before the end.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. Its nuanced, with many different flavors to pick out which makes it interesting to taste multiple times. It’s also fun to try a Madagascar bar with a different flavor profile, more delicate and buttery rather than bright and tangy.

Batch info: Enjoy by November 11, 2019

Salty Cow 58% Dark Milk


Aroma: cooked milk, herbal


Flavor: Very caramelly, pleasant saltiness, butter, toasted almonds, malt, slight tang, slight bitterness, mellow but complex; however, also a distinct musty flavor


Recommendation: Not recommended, with a caveat. There is a distinct mold flavor that detracts from the other pleasant flavors in the bar. It is possible that this was an issue with one particular batch of beans and will not be ongoing , but, I would not recommend it for the moment. Look for Spring Salted Milk from Fruition or Dick Taylor’s Madagascar Dark Milk instead. Or, try Patric's Madagascar 67%.


Batch info: Enjoy by June 23, 2020

Madagascar 67% Dark with Habanero Sea Salt

Flavor: Rich chocolate flavor; the salt brings out a butteriness and pairs well with the chili, plus the large crystals add a pleasant textural interest. The fruity Madagascar cacao is also a perfect complement to the heat and keeps the overall flavor bright and playful, with no bitterness or astringency.


Recommendation: A really well-done chili bar. It’s too bad this was a limited edition! Hopefully they will bring it back.