La Fèverie

Mexico Selva Tabasqueño 80%


Aroma: Earthy, slightly damp, licorice, dry leaves, dried figs


Flavor: old taste, Earthy damp; A little dryness, vanilla, wood, barrel aged, some pleasant notes. A little very ripe fruitiness, but overall dusty dryness. Some astringency.


Recommendation: Not recommended. It tastes stale and the dominant flavor is a dusty earthiness.


Batch info: ST-001-MEX; Best before February 7, 2022

Venezuela Chuao Aragua 77%


Aroma: sour, earthy, green apple, a little astringent

Flavor: Quite acidic with pleasant citrus flavors - yellow fruit, lemon, candied lemon peel, Meyer lemon- and a little red fruit but without much depth or complexity. Also earthy, wood, dusty liek cocoa powder, chocolate buttercream. When it melts, some creaminess emerges but still a slightly granular texture. Very little bitterness, not much astringency. I wonder if a slightly longer roast and conche would bring out some nice flavors.


Recommendation: Not recommended. No major defects but lacking in complexity, and the texture is a bit off.


Batch info: VEN-001-CHU; Best before February 2, 2022