Georgia Ramon

One of Germany's first bean-to-bar chocolate makers, Georgia Ramon makes single-origin bars with beans from Ghana, Madagascar, the Philippines, Chuao, and more, plus inclusion bars with herbs and spices.

Mexico Soconusco Criollo 76%

Aroma: faintly woody, toasted fermented grain, slightly sour


Flavor: A mix of soft green and toasted notes. Graham cracker, malt, coconut sugar, hazelnut, almond butter, brown sugar, almost caramelly. Green seeds, walnut, slight sourness – not excessive, sour grain flavor, spelt, sorghum molasses – a grainy sweet/sour/caramelly flavor, a little bit of red fruit.


Recommendation: Recommended. An interesting flavor profile from a highly sought-after origin. If you are looking for just one bar from Soconusco beans, I recommended the Soconusco bars from Ritual or Castronovo. However, those three would make a lovely tasting flight as they are quite distinct.


Batch info: Best by February 28, 2021