Venezuela Maracaibo 65%


Aroma: very mellow, nutty, dried apples, cocoa powder


Flavor: Very sweet and mild – nutty, hazelnuts, gianduja, cream, very soft dried fruit notes – raisin, apricot. A thick mouthfeel. The texture is very slightly waxy probably due to the added cocoa butter. It is couverture though, and it does not detract from the overall experience. There is vanilla added as well, which I usually find superfluous, but here it is faint and balanced.


Recommendation: Highly recommended. Makes a wonderful drinking chocolate: the mildness and sweetness result in a perfect rich cup that pretty much everyone will like. The disks are the perfect size and shape for tasting as well. Note that it is very sweet for a 65%; almost too sweet if you are looking for an intense dark chocolate.