Enna Chocolate is based in New Hampshire, where they make single origin bars with beans from Sierra Leone, Trinidad, Belize, Tanzania, Haiti, and Honduras.

Trinidad Herbert Pasqual Maiden Voyage Estate - 72%


Aroma: Soft. Dried raspberries, sweet cherry, spice, leather.


Flavor: Starts with soft fruity and creamy notes - vanilla, red fruit, black cherry, marshmallow; strong caramel and malt flavors, then deepens to earthy flavors with very slight astringency: whole wheat graham crackers, cocoa powder, dry soil, brownie, green tea, starchy, woody, red wine, molasses, tannin, cranberry, some pleasant rich fudge notes.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. Worth trying - tastes like great beans but haven’t quite perfected the process yet as there are a few rougher flavors, though they do not detract significantly from the overall flavor. However, some people like a less-refined style so again, worth trying.


Batch info: Batch no. 157, Best by December 2020