Based in Montreal, Canada, Christohpe Morel makes a wide range of decent chocolate bars, truffles, and more; note that they are not bean to bar.

Ecuador 76%

Aroma: toasted coconut, wood, cinnamon


Flavor: cinnamon, coconut oil, tropical fruit, dark roast, pudding-like texture when melted


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. This bar has a homogenized flavor quality of mass-market chocolate with relatively few distinct notes. There are better examples of Ecuador’s unique terroir. However, the flavor is not unpleasant, and it made a good drinking chocolate.


Batch info: Best by July 2020

São Tomé


Aroma: smoked meat, grape


Flavor: Rich chocolate pudding, some fresh wood notes – pine, juniper. Some tannins, slight grapefruit bitterness. Similar to some Nacional cacaos. Also an odd flavor like old flax seeds.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. Overall pleasant with a rich chocolate flavor, but relatively little complexity and distinctiveness.


Batch info: Best by July 2020