Chocolate Makers

Based in Amsterdam, Chocolate Makers sources beans from Peru, the DRC, and the Dominican to create their range of milk and dark bars and couverture chocolate.

Peru Awajún – 80%

Aroma: licorice, cornstarch, cinnamon, dry soil, toasted coconut,


Flavor: Satisfyingly bold and rich flavors: the kind of slightly cinnamon-y/woody bark flavor typical of Peru, orange rind, toasted almonds or macadamia nuts, black olive with a hint of fruitiness, a bit of a red wine bite in the back of the throat. Some bitterness and slight astringency. Faint fruitiness near the end. Good texture.


Recommendation: Recommended. It also makes marvelous drinking chocolate – it highlighted the toasted nut flavors and brought out a little tanginess.


Batch info: Batch 476, Best by April 10, 2020