Based in New Orleans, Acalli sources beans directly from farmers to make a range of single origin bars, blends, and drinking chocolate.


Chulucanas Peru 70% El Platanal


Aroma: An intense floral smell similar to Arriba Nacional, notes of black or strong green olives, balsamic vinegar

Flavor: Starts out with some creaminess and floral and fruity notes - peach, grape and red wine, some acidity. Then distinct olive flavors emerge along with some woody, walnut-skin tannins. Intense and fairly distinct flavors build and fade quickly; some bitter black olive notes linger along with a little astringency. Overall a bit rustic and unrefined. The texture is very soft and it melts fast.


Recommendation: Recommended with reservations. It seems like the beans were good, but I wonder if the fermentation was a little off. There are certainly interesting flavors but the olive notes are a bit strong. It’s a young company and I will be interested to try some of their other bars and see how their process develops in the next few years.

Batch info: Batch #44, Best by December 2020